A:Summer "Micro"

The STEM micro summer school program, jointly held by Resonance Strategies (RS) and Moses Brown School in the United States, not only allows children and parents to experience American campus culture and local life, but also improves their practical abilities, oral speech, language expression and communication skills, and it also facilitates good communication between Chinese and American cultures. During the period of two weeks, we utilize a combination of curricula, activities and sports to allow the children to live, eat and study together with American teachers and students. During these summer programs, Resonance’s theory and practice are combined. English Language skills are not only applied in the classroom, but also during cooperative learning tasks to maximize the integration of knowledge and action. The program utilizes small class teaching, a variety of artistic activities, as well as Sino-American sports competition. In the interests of safety, RS teachers will escort the children during their visit at the school. The time may be short, but the effect is amazing! The children not only progress rapidly in their language proficiency, group cooperation and life skills, but will also develop self-confidence, and learn to interact with people independently. The feedback from parents and teachers has been much more effective than expected, and the children's growth exceeded expectations.

B:Harvard/MIT/Brown / M Elite Program

RS’s STEM (STEM+SPORTS) all-immersion summer camps are crafted to foster the skills that global talent needs to be successful in the future. This program is one of the first in-depth study tour programs available in the Boston/Providence Area. RS Differs from our competitors whose summer camp activities usually consist of touring fast food restaurants. RS strives to integrate high quality educational resources in the greater Boston area with a variety of extracurricular activities designed for Chinese Teenagers and children over the Age of 9. Over the course of 13 to 14 days, our students will embark on a highly personalized itinerary that encompasses everything from studies to swimming, so that they can enjoy the breadth of experiences that America's most elite education educational institutions have to offer.

C:Summer Volunteer

RS is committed to opening the door to the world for Chinese students. RS provides an overseas volunteer experience for students, so they can experience American culture while learning to communicate proficiently with others. RS students will not only acquire proficiency in their language skills, but also gain valuable experience socializing with their American peers. RS is dedicated to fostering autonomy for our students so that they can function independently in American society.



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