Homestay Services

RS offers a well-rounded homestay experience for  each student by providing access to exceptional day schools and homestay  families who embrace our students as their own. RS representatives stay in  constant communication with each student and provide resources for immediate  answers to any questions or challenges that may arise.

Benefits include, but are not limited to:

1). A safe  and caring family environment abroad: private bedroom with desk and internet, meals throughout the week and weekend (lunches  usually  purchased at school)
2). Transportation  to and from school and extracurricular activities (busing and carpooling where  available)
3). Formal application process for all interested families – managed by our  local  coordinators
4). In-person, on-site interviews for all interested host families
5). Civil, criminal background checks and references on all interested host families
6). Opportunity to share cultures between host family and students
7). Individual freedom and personal development within safe boundaries
8). Development of an intimate second-family relationship with the host family
9). Complete immersion in the English language both at school and at home
10). Opportunity to participate in family/school activities and gatherings
11). In-person check-ins to host family’s household by RS Local Coordinators E-mail  and phone updates by RS Student Coordinators to student’s parents in English  and Chinese


Academic Tutoring

Tutoring if needed or requested is at an extra  cost to the student. We have a network of tutoring affiliates available for our  students in each of our school affiliate’s state. 

For RS students from China who are studying in the  United States, specialized tutors have been hired, especially in the area of  ESL (English as a Second Language). Tutors have their backgrounds checked and  each has at least a B.S./B.A. degree from college. Most are state certified  with special certification in ESL. In addition to ESL, RS tutors provide  tutoring in the following areas: Reading, Writing, Language Arts, Mathematics  (including advanced math),  History,  Homework Help, Physics, Chemistry and Religion.


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