Become A Host Parent For International Students Steps to Become a Host Parent


After you complete the inquiry form, a RS staff member will follow up with you to schedule a phone screen if we have homestay programs in your area. If we don’t have any programs in your area at this time, we will keep your information on file in case we have students to match you with to help you become a host parent in the future.


After the phone screen, you will be sent a unique link to the host family application. Our staff will be available to answer any questions you may have on completing the application which helps us to make sure we provide safe and comfortable homestays to our students.


After your application is reviewed, we will conduct background checks on all members of the home, 18 years of age and older and schedule a visit to your home to meet your family and see where a potential student would be living. At this time, we will take photos and compile a hosting profile to share with potential students and their families to get to know you better.

Host Family Application Form

Primary Applicant Information
*First Name *Last Name
*Email *Phone
*Date of Birth *Occupation
*Company Name
Work Phone
Social security number
List all other family members living in this address
Name Relationship
Name Relationship
Name Relationship
Has any member of your household ever been convinced of crime other than a minor traffic violation?
Yes No
Family Interests
Does anyone in your family speak a language other than English? If Yes, what language?
Do you have any pets? If YES, please list
Exchange Student Preference
 Male   Female   No Preference
How many students would you like to host?

 1   2   3   4

Have you hosted an international student before? If YES, when and from what country?
*Rooms Available

 One room, one bed  One room, two beds  Two rooms, one bed each  Two rooms, two bed each  Other

Please briefly describe your home? e.g. # bedrooms, baths, pool, etc.
Is your family religious? If YES, what religion?
Would you be willing to take students to the religious services that is different than yours?

 Yes  No

Does your family eat in a way that a host student should be aware of? (Kosher, vegetarian?)
List two emergency contacts:
*Name *Phone *Address
*Name *Phone *Address
*Applicant Signature *Date
*How did you hear about RS


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