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We are committed to ensuring the success of every student striving for academic excellence, and we are passionate about helping each student gain admission to his or her IDEAL SCHOOLS. We have designed a rigorous and strategic plan to better prepare all students for their school application process. The number of applicants for Ivy schools and other prestigious institutions has been increasing year by year, and the competition among the applicants' pool has intensified. Thus, it is crucial that students demonstrate that they are the most OUTSTANDING among their peers.

RS features a group of professional counselors who have extensive experience in preparing students for the college application process. It has been our experience that students who plan ahead achieve more desirable results, and we provide comprehensive integrated planning, including an evaluation of student's academic background to assess potential, and strategies to improve student's academic performance. In addition, we design extra-curricula that suit the student's skill set and personality. We want our students to develop and strengthen their creativity, logic reasoning, and leadership skills throughout the various community services and volunteer activities.

Our counseling service focuses on student's personal development as well as academics. We DO NOT encourage our students to be "studying machines" only, but rather foster in them a desire to broaden their experience through extracurricular activities. Many "RS Scholars" have received offers from Ivy League schools such as Cornell, Columbia, and Harvard, and most of the students who have worked with us are now studying at their "dream schools!" Nothing is more gratifying than hearing about our students' success and accomplishment.

Our Mission

RS provides immediate and efficient service to our clients and our success is due to maintaining a precise and comprehensive understanding of American education policies. Our staff’s vast experience in conjunction with the close ties we maintain with many schools and their respective personnel enables us to better position our students for success. We are committed to our mission to developing caring and engaged learners empowered to make better-informed decisions as they prepare for their futures in the global workforce of the future.

  • CARE

    The depth of our experience and empathy allows us to provide safe, supportive, and welcoming environments.


    Honesty, respect, and trust are at the foundation of all that we do.


    Our entrepreneurial spirit promotes transformative and goal oriented experiences.


    Preparedness and an informed approach drive our ongoing commitment to excellence.


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