RS Introduction

RS is a  100% American-owned company that is legally registered to operate in the U.S.  and maintains representatives locally.

RS is  dedicated to recruiting international students for secondary schools, committed  to the support of students to achieve their long-term education goals at top US  schools while providing safe, caring, and quality host families that will  immerse them into the American culture. We recognize the growing importance of  diversity in our modern, global economy. We pride ourselves on maintaining 100%  transparency, and cultivating trust and compliance between our staff and the  schools and agents with whom we are partnered. By providing the highest quality  and honest service, we have gained recognition among schools, parents, students  and other institutions. We are a firm believer in giving back to the community  through charitable donations and encourage our students to volunteer within  their communities.


RS is headquartered in Providence , RI and is privately owned and operated by two residents. RS was founded over 1 year ago and currently employs over 6 staff members in the U.S. and 5 staff members in China – we have a fully functioning staff dedicated to each state in which our partner schools are located.

RS ’s mission is to bring diversity to the American classroom. RS is partnered with over 30 private schools, works with over 35 host families housing over 70 students, and operates primarily in RI and Massachusetts, as well as Canada. RS’s international students pay full tuition (plus international fees) with no financial aid to RS 's partner schools. RS’s international students return home annually until they graduate middle/high school.


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